About Joseph

Joseph Hayon was born in Manhattan and raised in Brooklyn. He attended college and was employed in retail management. Currently, he lives in Brooklyn with two sons, born in 2006 and 2008, and his wife Batya.

Joseph worked as a Service Coordinator with management responsibilities for two years at Pesach Tikvah, a nonprofit organization assisting needy adults, advocating on the residents’ behalf, with business institutions, government agencies and the courts. He then was employed as an elementary school teacher turning failing students into A+ students, raising the academic expectations from parents, and more important, giving students self-confidence. Due to his excellent teaching record, Joseph was invited to join the board of B’Above Worldwide Headstart.

Realizing the need to lower the cost of tutoring, Joseph founded Homework Helper Institute LLC. Its programs were designed to ensure teachers were paid adequately, while cutting costs for parents. Shortly thereafter, Joseph joined the Board of Advisers of the American Family Association-NY.

Joseph’s father was born in Cairo, Egypt and his mother was born in Colombia, South America. His father, a small business owner, recently passed away from lung cancer despite being a non-smoker. His mother passed away in 1991 from cancer when Joseph was 13 years old.

In 2009, Joseph chartered the first Republican Club at Kingsborough Community College. Most students in the club are Democratic voters. The students joined the club primarily because of their support of Joseph’s pledge to champion traditional marriage and lower taxes.  He was then elected to serve as the Vice President of the Business Council at KCC.

Joseph pledges to work hard as the representative of the City Council 44th district, be a voice for the issues that concern its constituents, and be a model by always acting with integrity.

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