Joseph’s View on the Issues:

Choice in Education:

School Vouchers

o For over a century, the Blaine Amendment 1 has been discriminating against the
religious citizens of New York. The intention of the Blaine Amendment–to prohibit
the use of public money for religious schools–is no different from the racist “Jim
Crow” laws of t he Southern States. When I am elected I will make my best effort to remove this discriminatory law.

Unlimited Charter Schools

o I applaud the recent progress in Albany to allow more charter schools in
New York State 2. However, I oppose any limit on the number of charter schools. Such laws limit parents’ choice in our children’s education.

Choice in Public Schools

o I support an open enrollment system in our public schools. The choice
should be left to the citizens, not the government. In addition, I support the
implementation of a distance learning program for home schooled children.

Family Values

Protect Marriage

o On May 14, 2008, Governor Patterson issued a directive requiring New York
State to recognize same-gender “marriages” performed out of state 3. My
opponent personally supports same-gender marriage 4. Marriage between one
man and one woman is critical to maintaining social stability 5. I pledge to sponsor
legislation to eliminate Patterson’s directive.

Protect Life

o On June 17, 2010, my opponent sponsored legislation to legalize elective
abortion for pregnancies through the eighth month 6, where the only organ still to mature is the lungs 7. I oppose such legislation as it has absolutely no regard for the value
of human life.

Protect Our Children

o I pledge to sponsor legislation that would prohibit merchants from selling any
obscene “literature” unless they cater exclusively to adults. Availability of such  “literature” for viewing by minor children harmful. In addition, I pledge
to sponsor legislation to make all public library staff criminally responsible for
making any form of electronic obscenity available to minors.

Religious Freedom

Respect Our Values

o My opponent sponsored legislation that would force a religious bookstore selling
the Torah, Bible or Koran, to employ a man wearing woman’s makeup and woman’s
clothing 8. I oppose any “rights” that infringes on our moral values.

Conscience Rights

o Right here in Brooklyn, New York, a nurse was forced to partake in a late-term
abortion against her conscience 9. I pledge to co-sponsor Michael Benjamin’s bill 10 that will protect the conscience rights of all religious people.

Religious Accommodations

o Currently, New York State does not provide reasonable accommodations to
citizens who keep a strict kosher diet and are enrolled in the WIC
program. The WIC program provides grape juice but only the non-Kosher
brands 11. I pledge to ensure reasonable accommodations are provided to all
religious citizens of New York.

Academic Freedom

o It is against the religious belief of many New York citizens to “educate” our young
children on sinful matters12 . On May 17, 2010, my opponent voted for a bill
requiring schools to teach Kindergarten children to “tolerate” or sanctify same-
gender relationships 13 without an explicit exemption for religious or private
schools. He also co-sponsored a bill that explicitly includes Yeshivas and Catholic
schools to teach the concept of gender identity to children against their religious
beliefs 14. These bills violate our rights as parents to
raise our children according to our values.

Prevent and Reduce Taxes

Two-thirds Majority

o At all levels of government the residents of the 45th Assembly District are
overburdened with excessive taxsr. I pledge to sponsor a bill, which will require a 2/3 “super-majority” of all state legislators to increase or introduce any state tax. This bill will ensure that will be raised only when absolutely necessary.

Sales Tax

o On June 16, 2009, my opponent voted to increase sales tax in NYC13. Then on
July 1 2010, my opponent voted to reinstate the sales tax on all clothing 15. Clothing
is a necessity and should not be taxed.

Lower Income Tax

o Income tax has not been adjusted for inflation in over a decade. Standard
deductions have not been increased in over a decade with the exception of
eliminating the marriage penalty. In most cases, a single person using standard
deductions and a taxable income of $8000 has been paying the same tax in 1998
and in 2009.

Government Reform

Election Reform

o I support moving the start date of petitioning to give voters a chance to support
a candidate before they leave for summer vacation.

Redistricting Pledge

o Gerrymandering is a game to help elected officials get re-elected and not be held
accountable for issues they support against the will of the community. Citizens
of this district have been denied a majority voice at all levels of our government.
I pledge not to vote for any redistricting plan that would split communities when
more practical solutions are available.

Read All Legislation

o I pledge not to vote for any legislation without reading it in its entirety first.

Fiscal Responsibility

Stronger Accountability

o The MTA needs to accept responsibility for its failure 16. I support an MTA oversight board, an end to the MTA payroll tax, and an Inspector General investigation into the misappropriation of taxpayer funds.

Responsible Spending

o During a fiscal crisis, representatives in Albany should be cutting spending from
luxurious projects, and NOT basic transportation needs.

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